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Our Values


We believe in the inherent worth of each individual, viewing all members of society as equal in value.


We believe everyone has the ability and opportunity to share in the feelings of another's journey. We offer strength as we listen and connect with others' concerns.


We believe honest, stable, genuine relationships are the foundation of a healthy community. We believe this is demonstrated through accepting the responsibility of our role and being accountable to others for how we act.


We believe in the power and unity that comes through working together. Individual voices need to be heard and respected in decision-making and in our service to one another.


We believe in the right to privacy of information and will act with respect and integrity concerning personal information that is shared in confidence.


We strive to work in a manner that keeps our vision and mission in mind, infusing purpose into our work and influencing every word, action, and relationship. 

Our Goals


We believe the key to serving successfully is to keep the needs and best interests of the client at the forefront of our work.


All individuals and families have inherent strengths that can be discovered and used to create solutions to current challenges.


We believe there is always room for improvement on an individual and community level and are committed to evaluation and feedback from all levels of programming - clients, employees, partners, and funders - to better understand how we can increase our effectiveness.